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Lobby has dedicated in-house studios
driving creativity and innovation,
taking care about every guest touch point.


Concept & Branding + Interior Design


– Interior Design

We have a demonstrated history designing hospitality spaces, creating environments that flourish functionally and inspire creativity. We are well versed in understanding the practical requirements of commercial spaces, as well as putting the experience of our guests at the forefront of our minds. Our design process is routed in research of our surroundings, and the history of our buildings which allows us to create unique experiences showcasing the brands we work with.

– Graphic Design

Our approach to graphic design is grounded in reason and purpose. We pride ourselves in being visual story tellers which narrate our brands in a way that lead to smarter interactions with guests. We love being in the detail and treating every consumer touchpoint as discovery moments that enhances experiences. We touch all aspects of graphic design from collateral, signage and wayfinding and stand out brand identities.

– Branding

We create true meaning brands. Each place is unique with identities that stand out. Brands we imagine are craft to become part of people’s lives. 

Our process

Our design process is rooted in research of our
surroundings, and the history of our buildings which allow us to
create unique experiences showcasing the brands we work with.

  • Analyse:

    Lobby studies the brief and learn about the place, its environment and the brand. The most important part of our creative process is discovering a rationale for the decisions we will make.

  • Ideate:

    We generate ideas. We spend time finding threads to create a solid and legitimate narrative to support our designs. Every decision has purpose and links back to our core concept pillars.


  • Make:

    We sample, we procure, we build. This is where our vision becomes three dimensional and our identities becomes established brands with depth and a sense of purpose

F&B Studio

Weither you are opening a coffee shop, restaurant, or a food court at your place, we have a global team of culinary and beverages, designers, trend and culture experts to help you out setting up the right configuration for your place

How we do things

– Integrated team from F&B industry

An in-house team of talented operators, creatives with experience of creating and operating successful places all over Europe, from coffee shop to restaurants.

– Bespoke concepts

A suite of succesful concepts combined with a forward-thinking approach to bespoke brand creation

Our Services

We’re a fully integrated F&B studio with hospitality mindset, that produces uncommon coffee shops, bars and restaurants from concept to launch

– Pre-Project Defintion

– Global Concept Definition

– Graphic Design

– Signage

– Graphic Design

– F&B Operations

– Graphic Design

– Experience & Scenography

– Interior Design



The digital part of every hospitality project. From website, social networks to booking engine. We build your digital place with you.

We build unique websites, booking engine systems, and tools to manage your place. Our digital marketing experts work alongside our tech team to drive traffic through SEO, paid advertising and social. Guest experience is amplified with thoughtfully curated digital touchpoints.

Our services

– Editorial Writting

– Communication & PR

– Social Media Playbook

– Live Activation




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